Products that can cause cancer

Products that can cause cancer

Cancer occurs for many reasons. Some of them are hereditary, but a lot depends on our lifestyle too. Changing nutrition and physical activity habits can prevent one-third of all cancer deaths. Our diet is one of the most important factors that increases the risk of cancer, so it is useful to know what products we should better refuse.


You may have heard that sugar is the best product to feed cancer cells. Although all cells use glucose as an energy source, cancer cells use sugar more efficiently and in greater quantities. There are numerous studies that have proved there is a strong link between cancer and consumption of sugar. For example, a group of women who consume a lot of carbohydrates was compared with a group of women that consume very little amounts of sugar. It was found that the first group of women had colon cancer three times more often than the second group. They also had more cases of breast, pancreas, uterus, urinary tract and other cancers.

French fries and potato chips

By studying mice, the researchers found that high levels of acrylamide causes cancer. Later, it was discovered that this material is produced when carbohydrate-rich products such as potatoes are exposed to high temperatures. Potato chips and fried potatoes exceed the limit of acrylamide by several hundred times. For this reason, it is advised to avoid foods fried at high temperatures.


Alcohol increases the risk of developing oral, esophageal, colorectal, liver and breast cancer. It is often assumed that only excessive alcohol consumption damages human body, but this is not quite true. The researchers found that even a very small amount of alcohol can have impact in cancer development. So the less alcohol we consume the healthier we are.

Red meat

People who eat a lot of red meat (pork, beef) often suffer from colon cancer. Doctors blame heterocyclic amines, which are formed when we cook red meat at high temperatures. It is advised to eat no more than 500 grams of grilled red meat a week. If you can, change it to chicken or fish.


Too much salt is associated with stomach cancer. It is believed that salt damages gastric mucosa and it can cause inflammation. Besides, it becomes more sensitive to other harmful substances. To reduce the amount of salt, do not eat smoked, fermented or canned food. Doctors recommend getting only 6 g of salt daily. This would not only reduce the risk of stomach cancer, but also regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.


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