Protein is important not only for athletes

Protein is important not only for athletes

Proteins compose roughly 20 percent of our body weight. Besides, one-third of daily calorie intake should come from protein. While the benefits of protein are usually associated with athletes, it is necessary for everyone. However, according to nutritionists, excessive amount of protein may cause damage to liver, so those who exercise a lot or follow a strict diet should keep in mind that a radical diets with mainly protein are not recommended.

Protein helps with muscle building and restoration. However, you should also know that it is responsible for nails, hair, skin, bones, and other organ’s growth and function support. Lack of protein, can lead to fatigue, anemia, etc. Unfortunately, too much of protein, especially when used with too little carbohydrates, can lead to the release of toxins in the liver.

According to nutrition experts, the best sources of protein are chicken, beef, fish, dairy products, some fruits and vegetables, quinoa, etc. The maximum amount of protein is found in chicken, fish, leguminous vegetables, walnuts and hazelnuts. A bit less of protein is found in curd, pork, grains, flour, rye and wheat bread. The least of protein is found in milk, kefir, cream, potatoes, butter, fruits, berries and mushrooms.


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