Snacks alters lunch. What do dieticians think about it?

Snacks alters lunch. What do dieticians think about it?

Usual snacking culture is associated with the junk food and a big number of calories, but nowadays, according nutritionists, snacks are necessary  part of a balanced diet. Fast market is going through a boom, traders say that snacks can replace regular meals, like breakfast or lunch, and it has become trendy. Still, even quick snacks can be healthy, high-quality, tasty and nutritious.

People are more likely to snack on, often they do not even notice that they no longer feel normal physiological hunger and desire to eat the main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, because they feel satisfied after snacking. Snack is necessary when there is a great gap between meals, as it helps quench hunger and wait for the main meal of the day. Good snacks are nuts, fruits, small sandwiches made of healthy products, etc. The most important thing is to pay attention to the composition of the products. Make sure they are high-quality, and low-calorie.

Sometimes a nice and healthy sandwich can replace your lunch. You should just choose the ingredients of a sandwich carefully. Do not forget to add a lot of vegetables, choose natural meat, cheese or fish, wholegrain bread.


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