Sugar and healthy nutrition

Sugar and healthy nutrition

The images of perfect bodies and healthy lifestyle are surrounding us all the time nowadays. For many people beautiful appearance is a dream and they are ready to give up many tasty products and sweat in the gym every day. We are going to answer few questions about nutrition and sugar that are bothering many people who want to live a healthy life.

1. Do I have to refuse eating sweets if I want to be slim?

Sugar itself doesn’t make us fat. We gain weight when we get more calories than we use. Sugar doesn’t have the highest number of calories. The most calories are in fat (1 gram has 9 calories) and alcohol (1 gram has 7 calories). Meanwhile, protein, carbohydrates and sugar has 4 calories in 1 gram. So first of all we should think of giving up products that has no good nutritional value. Moreover, if you want to be slim, you have to be physically active.

2. I like to sweeten my tea and coffee with sugar. Is it bad for my body?

According to American Dietetic Association, our body does not feel the difference between natural sugar in the products and sugar that we put in our coffee or in other products. For this reason, sweetening products in moderation does not compromise the health and shape .

3. I want to start using sweeteners instead of sugar. Are they safe to use?

Both artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and natural ones, such as Stevia or other sweeteners are used in the food industry for a long time. They have been checked in the number of trials and accepted as safe for consumption. However, we should not forget that sweeteners, just like any food should be used sparingly.


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