The best fruits to eat in winter

The best fruits to eat in winter

Apples have lots of vitamins – C, P, PP, E, K, and B group vitamins, as well as carotene. Besides, apples are rich in trace elements such as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium. Most importantly, they contain pectin which removes cholesterol and heavy metal salts.

Pears are rich in potassium, iron, carotene and B group vitamins. They strengthen cardiovascular system and are a great preventative measure against dizziness and exhaustion. Furthermore, pears reduce blood sugar levels and normalize intestinal functions.

Pomegranates are a source of a bunch of trace elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, potassium permanganate, sodium) and vitamins C, B1, B6 and PP. In order to strengthen your immune system during cold months eat one pomegranate a week.

Bananas are known for lots of potassium, which is necessary for normal cardiovascular activities. They are very useful for patients with arrhythmia and atherosclerosis. Bananas also stimulate endorphins (happiness hormones), which is very important during cold winter period.

Persimmons are a source of iron, folic acid, iodine, and vitamins C, B, P, carotene and pectin. This is a perfect fruit to eat in order to prevent anemia.

Kiwi is an absolute champion of vitamin C. In addition, kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins PP, E, K, B, potassium, magnesium, iron and pectin. It’s an excellent fruit to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


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