What fat should we eat?

What fat should we eat?

Experts claim that 20-30 percent of daily calorie intake should be from fat. That means if you eat 1800 calories every day, you should get about 40-60 grams of fat. But do you know what kind of fat we need?

Saturated fat. Many people think that saturated fat is very bad. However, new researches make us doubt about it. some researches even say that some saturated fat is burned faster than other types of fat and it does not accumulate on our body. Saturated fat is found in butter, coconut oil, milk, beef.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids. Such fat is liquid in room temperature. Polyunsaturated fatty acids can normalize cholesterol level and reduce risk of developing type II diabetes or heart diseases. It can be found in sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut and other vegetable oil, sunflower seed, etc.

Monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids can help to reduce cholesterol level. Great sources of monounsaturated fatty acids are avocados, olives, peanut butter, etc.

Omega-3 fatty acids. They protect against cardiovascular diseases. It is not easy to get enough of omega-3 fatty acids with food. For example, you should eat salmon 3 times per week. They can also be found in sardines oil, walnuts, fish oil.

Omega-6 fatty acids. They reduce the risk of developing coronary heart diseases. Omega -6 fatty acids are found in margarine, almond butter, etc.


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