Why we should all eat tofu

Why we should all eat tofu

Tofu is a soybean cheese, which is a very popular product in China and Japan. But is it healthy and is it worth incorporating it into your daily menu? The answer is “yes”.

One serving of tofu contains 9 grams of protein, calcium and a little bit more iron than a usual steak. In addition, it has no cholesterol and only a little bit of fat, so tofu is great for those who want to get rid of excess weight. Some researches also clam that people who eat tofu regularly not only live longer, but also are much less likely to have heart diseases, breast, prostate and colon cancer.

However, a variety of soy products still have many conflicting opinions. Soy contains phytoestrogen which show a similar effect as estrogen, a female hormone. Large quantities of it may be harmful and this is often associated with breast cancer. However, some researches assure that there are not enough of scientific evidences to confirm this.

Many studies prove that soybeans are beneficial for human body. Nutritionists note that soy products can reduce the risk of breast cancer, and increase the chances of getting better for patients with lung cancer. In addition, soy reduces inflammation and female bone fractures.

Some nutritionists warn that 93 percent of soy products are genetically modified, as this way they become more resistant to herbicides. It is not exactly clear if this is harmful for humans, but those who believe it can be, can always buy and organic soy products that are not modified. Some of the best soy products are fried fermented soy beans, tofu, and boiled or steamed green beans pods.


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