Why we should drink more water?

Why we should drink more water?

Everybody knows that water is a source of life. So what are the benefits of water? Why should you never forget to have a glass of water on your desk?

Losing weight. Water fills the stomach, accelerates metabolism, and improves digestion. Drink a glass of water half an hour before every meal. The best way to start morning is with a glass of lukewarm water with a slice of lemon. It will speed up your metabolism’

Energy. Do you have headache by the end of the work? Do you feel tired, irritated although your day was not very stressful? These are the first symptoms of dehydration. Try to drink a glass of water and you will feel more fresh and your headache will resolve. Make a habit to have a glass of water and sip it regularly.

Healthy joints and muscles. If you are working out intensively, it is extremely important to drink enough of water. It will reduce muscle pain after a workout and help them to recover more quickly. Water also ensures good joint health.

Bright skin. If you don’t drink enough of water, your skin will look gray and you may get more wrinkles. If you want beautiful skin it is worth not only drinking enough water, but also start your morning by splashing cold water on your face. It tightens pores and improves blood circulation.


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