Healthy food that can make you fat

Healthy food that can make you fat

How many times have you heard that chips, desserts, all fried products are just extra calories and extra pounds? It turns out that sometimes some foods that are considered to be healthy are much worse than fast food snacks.

Sushi. Seaweed sheets have no calories, but when you add mayo, cheese, spicy sauce, they are certainly not the best choice. Besides, soy sauce which is an important part of eating sushi contains sodium which doesn’t allow your body to get rid of liquids. Maybe you won’t gain weight but you will certainly feel heavier.

Dried fruits. They have 5-8 times more calories than fresh fruits. For this reason it is recommended to eat more fresh fruits.

Corn flakes. They usually have nuts, oats, dried fruits and similar things added. Besides, they often contain sugar and they are processed. One bowl of such flakes can have 500 kcal.

Ice tea. It contains tons of sweeteners, sugar and so on. It’s better to drink water.

Rice chips. Although they are classified as healthy food, they don’t really have natural ingredients.

Vegetarian sandwiches. You can find them in every fast food restaurant. Although they don’t have meat, usually they contain lots of cheese, sauces, etc. Just because they contain vegetables, doesn’t mean they are healthy.

Juice. Juice that is purchased in packages usually contain sweeteners and other unnecessary substances. Don’t forget to read the ingredients before buying.

Salad. Vegetables are healthy. However, when lettuce are soaked with oil and other sauces, the remaining of meat and fried bread pieces are added it turns into extra calories.

Just remember how much you eat and then you will not have any problems for your weight.



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