Heat-treated tomatoes stop the development of prostate cancer?

Heat-treated tomatoes stop the development of prostate cancer?

According to the scientists from University of Portsmouth, their latest research has revealed amazing facts about tomatoes. The leader of this study claims that they have found that tomatoes, after treating them under the heat, promote powerful materials helping people to minimize the growth of prostate cancer cells or even powerful enough to destroy them. In this case, scientists talk about a substance called lycopene which disrupts the growth processes of cancer cells when they start using human blood for their development.

The study has found that lycopene, giving for tomatoes that unique red color, prevents the cancer cells from receiving blood which is necessary for their multiply. In short, experts expect to find out how this material affects human’s body – they want to determine how much exactly lycopene we need to overcome the cancer. Apparently, one can say the only one fact: this material is biologically active only in the case if tomatoes are cooked in butter.

Previous studies have shown that men can increase lycopene concentration in their blood and sperm by eating 400 grams heat-processed tomatoes for two weeks. This means that the tomatoes can help prevent prostate cancer. Experts say that cancer cells may be inactive in human’s body for years until one day a number of chemical substances in the body makes them activate. 


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