Help for the skin under your eyes

Help for the skin under your eyes

If you want to care of your skin around the eyes, try these natural recipes got straight away from our grandmothers!

Parsley roots’ mask

You will need one tablespoon of parsley root and 2 teaspoons of black tea. Make the strong tea and mix it with a tablespoon of grounded parsley root. Put this mass around the eyes and hold for 20 minutes to minimize the bags, lighten and refresh the skin. Then take the cotton disk and clean the area under your eyes.

Potatoes’ mask

You will need 2 teaspoons of grated raw potatoes, 2 teaspoons of flour  and one tablespoon of milk. Grate one raw potato and mix the paste with flour and heated milk. Apply the mask around your eyes and hold for 15 minutes. Then rinse everything with warm water and apply nourishing eye cream. Potato mask will help to reduce fatigue, lighten darkened skin around your eyes and minimize bags under the eyes.

Banana mask for eyes

Crush one half of banana with a fork and mix it with one teaspoon of the cream. Apply everything on the eye-area and hold for 20 minutes. Bananas have the special properties of holding the water inside the skin and cream will nourish it and will give the firmness for your skin.

Milk mask

Mix one tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of black tea. Soak two cotton disks into the mixture and put them on your eyes for ten minutes. Your eyes will start to shine.

Honey mask

You will need one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of corn flour and one egg white. Dissolve the honey in a water bath, add corn flour and egg white after beating it. Mix all these ingredients well and apply on the eye area. Keep this mask until dry and then rinse with warm water. After this procedure, put some moisturizing cream around your eyes. Honey mask will refresh the skin and also will minimize small wrinkles around the eyes.


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