High-intensity training has been linked to pregnancy problems

High-intensity training has been linked to pregnancy problems

According to new studies of Norwegian University of Science and Technology, women who choose high-intensity training may have fewer opportunities to get pregnant. Researchers have paid their attention to such factors as age, weight, marital status and smoking, but the strongest criterion has still been approved to be high intensity workouts.

This finding follows the recent research of Harvard University, which states that those women who do active sports have problems with irregular menstrual cycle and often have difficulties to get pregnant. Additional studies have showed that those women, who choose cardio workouts such as aerobics or running, minimize their probability of having a healthy baby by 30 percent. According to researchers, difficult exercises disrupt the menstrual cycle and reproductive hormone activity.

Endocrinologists say that while moderate physical activity helps women to stay healthy and achieve or maintain optimal weight, huge load of physical activity should be chosen responsibly. The best way would be starting such physical activity that does not inhibit woman’s reproductive potential.

*Trying to figure out which physical activities increase the likelihood of pregnancy and should be chosen, here are the tips doctors give to their patients:

*Try to be physically active, what means moving significantly more than in the past every day.

*Choose moderate cardio workouts, such as walking, swimming, cycling and avoid high-intensity workouts such as aerobics or jogging.

*Perform exercises with resistance. They speeds up our metabolism and form a solid thin body.

*Choose yoga and similar exercises to improve your flexibility. Yoga improves blood flow to the reproductive organs, regulates hormones and relieves the stress.

*Relax. Relaxation exercises and meditation should be taken as seriously as cardio workouts, because they also give the strength and flexibility.


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