Honey prevents from aging

Honey prevents from aging

For centuries honey has been used in medicine to treat wounds. However, there was no research based evidence showing that honey really helps. German researchers have recently confirmed that honey heals wounds in few weeks. More importantly, they found out the reason of this.

Honey helps to heal wounds because of hydrogen peroxide which has whitening properties. Hydrogen peroxide forms from sugar that is in honey because of special enzymes which exist in any sort of honey. Peroxide kills bacteria and that is the reason why it helps to heal wounds.

The healing powers of honey do not stop here. Honey is also known to counteract aging. Some scientists even say that honey should replace sugar. Researchers have also announced that antioxidant properties of honey are equal to vegetable and fruit antioxidant properties. However, darker honey has stronger antioxidant properties.

Honey is composed of equal parts of fructose, glucose and water. But it’s not simple sugar. Honey has 180 different substances, including minerals, amino acids, enzymes, bioflavonoids, flavoring s and vitamins.  This unique combination has magnificent healing powers. It raises antioxidant levels in the blood and improves immune system. Honey is sweeter than sugar so you would use less of it to satisfy your need for sweetness.

You can also apply honey on your skin. It is great for dry skin as it attracts moisture but doesn’t make your skin oily. That is why honey is so often used in cosmetics.


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