How different foods improve our mood?

How different foods improve our mood?

Researchers have found that food has a direct influence on our feelings and moods because human’s brain is not only the main metabolic regulator but food ‘user’ as well. When the brain detects that body needs energy, it starts ‘ordering’ something to eat. Depending on what we eat, our mood also can also change that way.

Let’s start from the sugar. Everyone has noticed that sugar immediately fills us with energy, improves our attention, stimulates memory and it is considered to be the most potent stimulator of the brain. Studies have shown that after eating or drinking a sweet product that has up to 200 calories students managed to cope with any challenge significantly better. However, we all understand that it’s an artificial stimulation that can cause harm. When you eat too sweet,body is excretes increased levels of insulin which tries to cleanse the blood from sugar. Thus, the sharp rise in energy can lead to a sharp drop in energy and feeling unwell. In addition, the tendency of constantly eating sweet food leads to obesity and disease.

Another type of carbohydrates includes pasta, potatoes, rice. After eating food from this category, body calms and relaxes. Besides, we additionally start feeling better even if we didn’t eat foods rich in fat and protein. Carbohydrates provide the body with essential amino acid tryptophan, which is very important for the synthesis of mood hormone serotonin. Women should especially pay attention to this because studies have also found that carbohydrates help to reduce premenstrual syndrome.

The best source of energy is vegetables and fruits or their juice. When constantly consuming vegetables and fruits, you body is filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber that are especially important. If you are suffering from the poor memory, various diseases, infections, runny nose or mood changes, your body says that it lacks vital chemicals found in vegetables. Make sure you also get antioxidants from their main source – vegetables, berries and fruits and their juices.


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