How much salt do we need?

How much salt do we need?

Salt which should be used only with moderation, not only gives flavor for the food, but also has a positive effect on our body. However, when there are various types of salt available, normal, sea, Himalayas and other, we may find it difficult when choosing and deciding how much do we need it. So, here are some facts you should know:

Salt is a sodium and chlorine compound which should be received every day. However, not as much as we normally consume – people should get only 2 g of sodium chloride per day. That’s really not much because that this quantity can be easily consumed even when don’t put salt into the food. When we over dose our daily rate of salt, our body starts accumulating fluid, blood pressure is increasing. To prevent
that, doctors advice limiting the amount of salt in your food.

To avoid getting too much salt, nutritionists advise to avoid semi-preserved foods. They suggest avoiding salted and smoked fish and meat products by replacing hams and sausages by boiled or braised meat. Besides, eating lots of various vegetables is also highly recommended. Those who can’t imagine their cooking process without their favorite seasoning with salt, experts would suggest experimenting. Fill your shelves with dried herbs and put them into your food instead of salt or even grow fresh basil and other herbs on your kitchen window. However, many people lack iodine, so if you need to add some salt, use sea salt. However, sea salt is extracted from sea water together with most of pollutants, so it must be treated by chemical means and the temperature to be cleaned. Himalayan salt is also appreciated for its abundance of minerals and trace elements, mild flavor and cleanliness, so you should also choose this salt if you need to give some flavor to your food.


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