How often do you take a vacation?

How often do you take a vacation?

When you feel exhausted and overworked, you can dream only about long vacation, like month, spent lying on a beach. However, doctors say that even a tiny business trip will give you good health benefits and will help you to recover after working all day (and sometimes night) long. Here’s how you can boost your health:

1. Decrease your stress levels.
Preparing for your vacation helps you to focus on new things and forget the daily stress. Worrying about what to pack will give you time to take a break from your routine and leave your work problems behind the office door.

2. Increase your energy.
Vacation means that you have some time to relax and do what you haven’t done for a long time. First of all, you should get a little extra sleep. Then do an extra mile and finally indulge yourself with a dessert which has been eliminated from your diet for years.

3. Improve your heart health.
People, especially women, should take at least two vacations per year. Doctors say that this may decrease the possibility of coronary heart disease and heart attack. Those who have only one vacation per six year increase the risk by eight times.

4. Improve your head state.
Taking frequent vacations makes people happier and eliminates the first signs of depression, tiredness, or tenseness. Besides, according to one study, those who are workaholics and don’t pay enough attention for vacations are more likely to sleep less and find themselves stressed in their daily routine.  

5. Live longer.
Try to take more vacations to live longer: according to doctors, those people who do such thing can decrease the risk for heart disease in a long time period.  

So, when was your last trip? Try to start preparing for one this weekend! You will be surprised how happy you will be.


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