How to avoid premenstrual syndrome?

How to avoid premenstrual syndrome?

According to experts, 75% of women suffer from headaches, mood swings, bloating and other problems during their premenstrual syndrome. 43% of females feel very bad and use drugs, 32% of them suffer from stomach pain and get tired more quickly, 14% –  feel as always and 11% – feel bad after the beginning of menstruation. It has also been published that most of the women become violent during their premenstrual syndrome so there is no accident that most of the crimes are committed during this syndrome.

However, all these unwanted health signs that are caused by premenstrual syndrome change with woman’s age: young girls stop suffering from pain which was bothering them during their puberty, while women stop noticing changes in their mood. That’s because premenstrual syndrome starts gradually decreasing because of the menopause.

Most of the women who are constantly facing the mood swings, anger, confusion and abdominal pain, start using various drugs. However, pain associated with the menstruation syndrome is mostly caused by bad habits, environmental toxins and stress, so in order to feel better before your upcoming menstruation time, you should prepare for that. If you are one of those many women who suffer from this syndrome, follow these brilliant five rules:


1. Clean your body:

Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol;

Don’t miss your main meals of the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner;

Do not eat three hours before sleep;

  1. 2.   Be active:

Active physical activity is essential for the body if you want to regulate your hormone levels. You should try aerobic exercises, yoga, meditation, jogging or simple have some walk in the evenings.

3. Avoid stress:

–        spend some time in hot bath

–        try yoga exercises, massage, deep breathing and meditation.

–        try to find more time for yourself and your hobbies.

4. After consulting the family doctor, take these supplements:

Magnesium citrate – from 400 to 600 mg per day.

Calcium citrate – 600 mg per day.

Evening primrose oil – two 500 mg capsules twice a day.












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