How to avoid the consequences of overeating

How to avoid the consequences of overeating

Everyone knows that eating just before going to sleep is very harmful for us and our lines. However, when trying to avoid this, only few win against the food. If you are one of such people, you will be interested how you can quickly eliminate consequences of this sin (in fact, they can be canceled in less than 24 hours).

The problem appears because in most cases we are disorganized: we only find some time for a coffee with a sandwich in the morning, grab a chocolate snack for lunch and only in the evening we manage to get something relatively normal. Sometimes, we are ready for a dinner at a time when eating is simply forbidden.

Even if you are trying to convince yourself that you must stay away from the fridge this evening, the desire of eating is bigger and the only result is overeating. The consequences of such unexpected dinners start appearing with unpleasant stomach spasms. Later we see that on the scales and finally we even begin self-denigration. So what should be done to avoid all this? Here are three scenarios:

Option 1.
According to various therapists, you shouldn’t eat for the next 14-15 hours and patiently wait for your normal lunch time next day. These hours are sufficient for working out all consequences of nutrient overload. If you feel that you can’t live without breakfast, choose only light and classic dishes, like 100 g of cottage cheese or a cup oatmeal and the like.

Option 2
. Dedicate the next day for discharging. In other words, eat 800 grams of lean cottage cheese, or 1.5 kg of apples, or 2 kg of vegetables without any salt and drink two liters of water during a day. Those who love bananas – eat a kilogram of them. However, it’s important not to go extremely and stop eating for all. After you start eating normally, soon you will notice that your weight still grows.

Option 3
.  Finally, we share one of those secrets of healthy living that is known for everybody all over the world – everyone should do 10,000 steps (five miles) a day. If the day after your late overeating you double your steps, the consequences will turn into beautiful muscles.


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