How to choose the best diet for you?

How to choose the best diet for you?

DO not rush when choosing a diet! One bad step can lead to frustration, stress and even health problems. There are million of diets saying how to lose weight. Don’t rush and choose the best one for you. Never choose the diet just because it was effective for your friends. It doesn’t mean that you would get the same result.

When choosing a diet follow these rules:

• Decide how many kilos you want to lose.

• Choose a date when you want to achieve your goal

• Having in mind the first rule, calculate how much time you will have to follow a diet. It is recommended to get rid of 1-2 kilogram per week in order to keep it healthy. Otherwise, it will be too difficult and stressful for you body.

• The best diet should last at least one month. Don’t try to follow diets which promise results in 5-7 days. They usually give a yo-yo effect.

• Plan what you are going to do when you finish your diet. If you start living a previously, it is clear that you will get the same weight back

• Try to get rid of negative dietary and lifestyle habits.

Try to eat most of the food during the first half of the day (for your breakfast and lunch). Don’t forget that breakfast activates your metabolism and this way you will lose weight much faster. The best diet is followed by exercising.


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