How to deal with bloating belly?

How to deal with bloating belly?

Everyone knows there are some products that cause bloating. These products together with intestinal bacteria generate methane gas and lead to bloating. Eating soy beans, lentils, beans, dried peas unpleasant smell of the gas is produced. In order to decrease the amount of non-digestible carbohydrates, normally causing abdominal bloating, soak these products for at least 4 hours (8 hours is even better!) before cooking. However, this won’t help with lentils and split peas.

There are people who get their stomach blowing after eating onions, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables of cabbage family. In this case, abdominal bloating can be reduced by
putting in some anise, ginger, rosemary, bay leaves and fennel seeds.

Though it may sound surprising, bloating may be one of the side effects of healthy living principles, such as the use of fiber-rich products. Experts recommend increasing the amount of fiber gradually to avoid this unpleasant effect. Besides, some people can’t use foods that are filled with fructose and other sweeteners, or those foods that are rich in vitamin C. A cup of peppermint or fennel tea after a meal can improve digestion and reduce discomfort of bloating. However, remember that sometimes bloating can be a sign of illness. If bloating is severe and persists for a long time, it could be because of allergy to some food, milk intolerance or other disease. In such cases you should immediately ask your family doctor for medical advice.

Eat more:
• Yogurt;
• Peppermint and fennel tea.

• Foods that are rich in carbohydrates;
• Dried beans and other legumes, onions, broccoli and other vegetables from cabbage family;
• Fruit and sweeteners such as fructose.

• Milk, if you don’t tolerate lactose;
• Carbonated beverages, chewing gum. Do not drink through a straw;
• Large doses of vitamin C.


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