How to deal with pain with no painkillers?

How to deal with pain with no painkillers?

When you feel pain, you cannot think of anything else. But what should you do if you don’t have painkillers at home and you cannot see doctor? Here are some way how to deal with it.

Heartburn. The best medication is turmeric. It promotes digestion and reduces acidity. You can also find turmeric capsules in the pharmacy and take one before eating.

Headache. Perhaps the best here is rosemary which dilates blood vessels. Add a teaspoon of dried rosemary to some boiling water. Drink 50 ml of it three times per day. Another option is ginger which also dilates blood vessels. If you have frequent headaches, you should drink ginger tea every day. You can also eat ginger candies or cookies depending to what you like the best.

Runny nose. Drink thyme tea three times per day. It will facilitate breathing.

Insect stings. Run the affected area with peppermint essential oil. It will reduce swelling.

Toothache. Cloves can do miracle. Apply a drop of clove essential oil on a cotton and put it on the aching tooth. Toothache can also be treated with sesame seeds. They contain pain relieving compounds. Add sesame seeds to boiling water (1:3) and keep it for a while there. Put sesame seeds onto the aching tooth.



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