How to easily get in shape?

How to easily get in shape?

Waiting for a classmates meeting? Invited to a party where you can meet your ex? Just feeling tired to be swelling all the time? Here are some diets that offer different ways to lose weight without exhausting yourself:

Jackie Warner. ‘This Is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever)’

The goal: the author of this eating plan offers to change your metabolism and help you lose some weight within few weeks. Action: You don’t have to refuse any food, just include these products in your daily diet: 2 eggs, 1 cup oats, 2-3 cups of vegetables, 2 fruits, 2-3 liters of water (with lemon juice), herbs, tea and wheat protein shake. These products will help you to control appetite. In addition, author recommends doing cardio five times a week for at least 20 minutes.

Cynthia Sass. ‘Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches’

The goal: to lose 3.6 kg in 5 days. Action: You can eat only five products: spinach, eggs, raspberries, yogurt (0% fat) and almonds. These ingredients should be used in every of four meals you are allowed to eat. Sports? It is not necessary.

Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Rothhe. ‘CarbLovers Diet’’

The goal: get rid of three pounds a week. Action: according to authors, carbohydrates are not the enemy if you select them right. Good carbs can help you to burn fat, but you should choose them wisely. You are allowed to eat pasta, brown rice, beans and potatoes basically and also add more fruits and vegetables next to them. Another rule to see obvious results is not to exceed 1200 calories per day. Sports? According to your needs.

Arthur Agatston. ‘The South Beach Diet: faster weight loss and a healthier way of life’

The goal: lose 6.8 kilograms in 2 weeks. Action: Stop eating any carbs: keep away from sugar (including fruit), products containing starch and flour. Instead of them, eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables, beans, eggs, nuts, lean meat and low fat dairy products. This diet includes no calorie counting and recommends 20 minute-cardio per day. 


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