How to eat during the holidays?

How to eat during the holidays?

Both every day and during the holidays the most important thing while eating is full measure. Only then beautiful holiday Christmas and the New Year will not make us feeling unwell or cause serious ailments because of too much food and drinks.

The worst thing that most of the people do on the holiday is skipping breakfast and lunch. Throughout the day the stomach becomes empty and it is very likely to have a hunger attack. As soon as we get to the table loaded with a variety of dishes, we start eating a lot, rush and usually overeat.

So it’s not worth waiting for the holidays with an empty stomach. Do not miss breakfast and lunch. Human body must get food at least 3 times a day, so it will be compromised if you decide to starve before holidays. At least eat something light.

During the holidays you can eat everything, but don’t forget good measure. Of course it is recommended to avoid fat cheeses, spicy dishes, however if you eat just a small piece of it, nothing wrong will happen.

Choose lighter, low-calorie foods, eat more fresh vegetables, drink plenty of water, juice, etc. Eat in small quantities, slowly, chew well as our digestive system is not able to digest properly large amounts of different food. Serving size is determined by the capacity of our stomach, which is 300-500 ml. also don’t forget to enjoy the food. It’s a great pleasure, which is often lost because of rushing.

If you want to try variety of different dishes, put it to the plate and enjoy it throughout the entire evening. When people eat slow, the feel the sense of satiety much faster and avoid overeating. While overeating, you will feel a sense of fullness which can even cause nausea.

If it happened to overeat for you, the first aid is digestive enzymes. However, if you still don’t feel good or even feel the pain, consul your doctor as soon as possible.



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