How to fight against afternoon fatigue?

How to fight against afternoon fatigue?

Many people agree that until the afternoon we fight against hunger and then against sleep. In the afternoon lots of people feel depleted and do not have any power to do even basic tasks. They suffer from yawning, heavy eyelids, their minds jump and they cannot concentrate. This condition usually occurs 2 to 3 p.m.

You can try planning your day so that at this time you could have a break and relax. However, many of us do not have this luxury. So is there any way to fight against slumber?

  • Make sure to have enough of protein. It gives you more strength and energy. Choose products high in protein for your breakfast or lunch, for example, yoghurt, milk, cheese, black bread or eggs.
  • Drowsiness can be caused by too big portion of your lunch too. Choose a light lunch instead: fresh salad with lean meat, soup or vegetable stew.
  • Many people have coffe break in the afternoon. Coffee is often accompanied with a piece of pie or candy. Sugar raises your blood pressure a little bit which at first provides you with more energy. However, after an hour or even less, this energy goes down and you feel even worse.
  • Vitamin C is a good way to feel more fresh. Eat a citrus fruit or drink a glass of juice.
  • Remember that you need fresh air too! Go outside the office for at least 10 minutes if it’s possible.



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