How to gain some weight?

How to gain some weight?

Most of are trying to drop some weight before the Christmas. However, there are also people who are trying to gain some as well. No matter what such people eat, they can‘t gain any gram. They should know about several products that can significantly increase the weight of the body.

Fatty meat. Roasted meat we prepare for the Christmas dinner can be called an absolute leader in the ranking of the foods that are rich in calories. If you want to see a true weight gain, choose pork ribs or other parts of the pork, chicken wings or beef. 500 grams of fat meat, such as pork, will give you about 2,000 of calories.

Smoked meat and cheese that are richer than 40 percent. Before having a nice dinner, you should always have some snacks to increase your calorie intake. Sandwiches with smoked meat or some slices of sausage and cheese should be the best choice of yours – no gram will fall from your waist.

Salad with mayonnaise. Even if it is cooked beetroot salad, add mayonnaise which is very rich in calories. In addition, if you also include some boiled potatoes or cod liver – additional grams can be guaranteed. Per serving, such salads will give you not less than 12 grams of fat and 180 calories. Of course, don’t forget the bread next to it!

Ice cream. It’s the most popular and, without any doubt, having the biggest amount of calories dessert which will make you receive 380 calories and 5 tablespoons of sugar. You should also choose carbonated drinks, beer, cold tea and other drinks filled with sugar – 300 ml of carbonated drinks, such as cola, will give you 126 calories.


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