How to get rid of freezing feet?

How to get rid of freezing feet?


Many women too easily ignore such illnesses as freezing feet. However, we should understand that freezing feet can cause various problems to human’s health (if not taken any ways to warm them up). In the beginning, various researches carried out in different countries have shown that freezing feet obviously weakens human’s immune system. People whose feet are cold, are especially susceptible to infectious diseases. Cold feet can also initiate gastro-intestinal, pelvic, fungal and vaginal diseases or circulatory disorders. In addition, those whose feet tend to be cold 15 times more often suffer from a runny nose or some other common infectious disease.

When patient ignores freezing feet for few hours, the temperature in his mouth decreases 1-2 degrees during this time. According to doctors, it should be understood that such reduction can be called the “climate catastrophe” for the whole human’s body. Such temperature in the mouth is particularly loved by various viruses and bacteria that additionally start to multiply. Therefore, if your feet are cold, then you should try to heat them up. Here are some natural, particularly effective ways how you can do that:


• Several times a day, massage your feet with both hands. In addition to massaging gel, also use ammonia or Bee wax lubricant.

• Every night before going to sleep, hold your feet for 15 minutes in a container filled with hot water enriched with a handful of salt.

• Eat garlic regularly. It’s recommended to eat 3 cloves of fresh garlic every day.

• Eat natural cereals (especially rice cereals).

• Wear warm shoes.

• When at home, walk as often as possible in warm woolen socks without any shoes!

• Regularly visit the sauna.


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