How to get the most benefits from vitamins?

How to get the most benefits from vitamins?

Promotions of vitamins are so convincing that many of us believe that they can bring us amazing health. However, you have to be careful about what vitamins you are taking in order not to make any harm to your health. Remember that vitamins will not change healthy lifestyle. They will not have the best effect if you continue smoking, drinking and overeating. If you don’t take care of your lifestyle, vitamins will not help you much.

High doses of vitamins can be harmful. Everybody has individual needs both for vitamins and nutrition. If you get lots of vitamins with food, you have to be careful with the doses of artificial vitamins. For example, if you get too much calcium, you increase the risk of getting urolithiasis or even have some problems with your heart.

Although you can find all main vitamins in healthy food, you shouldn’t completely ignore artificial ones. First of all you should pay attention to your age and health condition. Women from 20 to 40 need iodine which is important for fetal brain development. After 40 years old, you should pay more attention to vitamin D in order to overcome osteoporosis, colds and flu.

If you are vegetarian, you should be even more careful to make sure you get all vitamins. Usually vegetarians have a lack of vitamin B12 and zinc because they limit or completely refuse eating meat and dairy products. Also they should pay attention to calcium to keep healthy bones. A great natural source of calcium is broccoli.


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