How to get up easier?

How to get up easier?

Everyone knows the phrase which we all use in the morning when pressing the alarm clock button: “I need to get only five minutes more”. Dreaming about getting up only on ten o’clock in the morning, we think that we wouldn‘t be complaining and we wouldn‘t need to use a power in order to open our eyes. Unfortunately, we have no other choice. However, it appears there are some exercises that can help for us to get up easier.

Different ringtones
You know that to get out of the bed as soon as the alarm starts to ring can not by done by everyone. Therefore, if you need to get up at seven o’clock, prepare at least three alarm clocks, with different tunes. One should start to ring 10 minutes before seven, the other one should ring at 7 and the third should start to ring after five minutes.

Glass of water
As soon as alarm clock stops to ring, your thoughts start to wake up, but your internal organs are still asleep. To wake them up, as soon as you hear a ring tone, give your body a signal with a help of glass of water. If you drink a cup of coffee first, it is most likely that you will feel still groggy. Drink a glass of water first and postpone the coffee for an hour.

Don‘t overeat
Well, everyone knows the feeling when the stomach starts to sing and require food as soon as you lie down. Turning from one side to another does not help to stop the sounds coming from the belly, so you go straight to the kitchen. If you need to get some snack, don‘t choose smoked sausage, ham or something like that if you want to wake up without problems. In this case, you should chotose oat flakes, bananas, honey, warm milk that will kill the unexpected feeling of hunger and will allow you to get up in the morning feeling rested.

Avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine
In order to getu p easier, you should avoid these products for at least 4 to 6 hours before bedtime. Most of the people believe that alcohol helps to fall asleep. However, though it trully speeds up the process of falling asleep, you will never sleep sleep fully and rested in the morning.


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