How to make yourself eat healthy food?

How to make yourself eat healthy food?

Even without advices of dieticians, it is clear that in order to have good health you should eat food that is easy to digest, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, different grains, etc. Despite the fact that you know what is best for your body, you may often replace healthy foods with less nutritious and valuable products. This often happens because you don’t find enough time and instead choose “fast food” and calorie desserts. here are a few tips on how to follow healthy eating plan:

Vegetables are not your favourite food? But do you know how to prepare delicious dishes from vegetables? Many people overcook vegetables. Remember that you need much less time to prepare vegetables comparing to other foods. Even baked vegetable must be crispy. Don’t forget to prepare some delicious sause to have with vegetables. Add a pinch of roasted almonds or pumpkin seeds, basil, garlic or oter spices.

Are you a fan of crisps and sweets? There will be less temptations if you simply don’t keep this kind of products at your home or work place. Replace these snacks in much healthier products, like nuts, fresh or dried fruit, crackers.

Do you like salty foods? A small pinch of salt is not that harmful for your health. however, don’t use too much. The maximum amount of salt should be 2,300 mg per day. We ofter put salt to the dishes that are not necessary to be salted. When you buy food, make sure to read the labels and check for the product with lowest salt content.

Have no time for cooking? Even in the shopping center you can find dishes that are suitable for healthy diet. Avoid buying chips, ice-cream and other junk food.





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