How to regulate your appetite?

How to regulate your appetite?

How to stop a huge desire to snack when it seems that you are starving? But are you really that hungry? Very often we eat snacks when we are not even hungry. For example, right when you prepare a cup of coffee or tea you are looking for something sweet. However, if you do that every time, these delicious bites will remain on your hips or tummy.
We probably all know basic tips on how to suppress your appetite. First of all, it is necessary never to forget breakfast. It is recommended to eat 5 times a day, in small portions. You really need three main meals and two to three snacks (an apple, an orange, cereal, etc.).
The stomach of a human is very spacious. It can hold about 2 liters of food. But we need a lot less – as much as will fit in your palm. For example, a small bowl of porridge and a few pieces of fresh fruit are sufficient for breakfast, 100 grams of meat and salad for lunch, etc.
Here are some useful tips to suppress your appetite:

  1. Drink a glass of tea made of parsley and you will forget your wish to eat at least for two hours.
  2. A smell of banana, apple, mint, vanilla reduces secretion of gastric juice. Smell any of these scents before meals.
  3. Eat products that contain fiber (bran, grains, fruits, cabbage, etc.). They absorb stomach fluids and provide a feeling of satiety.
  4. If you can, sleep up to 10 hours a day. This sleep time also suppresses your appetite.

Get some motivation to lose weight. When you discover the source of inspiration, it is much easier to control your hunger.


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