How to remove eye redness?

How to remove eye redness?

Our eyes always attract attention. Every time we meet someone we notice the color of his or her eyes, the shape and expression. Red eyes draw more attention that a pimple on the face. So why do our eyes get red and how to avoid that?

Some people eyes have one or more threads of red capillaries noticeable all the time. If the number of the capillaries and the color do not change, it is not a disease but just the structure of the eyes. Sometimes blood capillaries can be break and blood can accumulate on the white part of the eye. This happens because of high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular diseases and other things. This blood may look very scary, but usually it is not dangerous at all. Usually, you don’t feel anything and it disappears without any treatment.

Sometimes capillaries seem to crack because of hard work, not resting well, not sleeping, after using alcohol, etc. However, specialists claim that capillaries don’t crack but they expand and become more visible. For those who constantly sit in front of computer, eyes can start feeling itchy because of dry air.

How to avoid your eyes getting red? Just like our entire body eyes need to rest. Even if you have many things to do, you have to make breaks in between. Do not let your eyes get dry, don’t forget to wink. Close your eyes from time to time and look through the window to the most far point. Do not rub your eyes with your hands as you may get inflammation.

How to remove eye redness? Make sure you sleep 8 hours per day. You can use eye drops if needed. There are eye drops that you can get in the pharmacy without prescription. They will moisten your eyes and stop the inflammation. Make a cold compress. Cold helps to narrow capillaries. Simply wrap some ice cubes to the soft towel and put it on your closed eyes for 25-30 minutes. You can also make tea compresses. Place black tea or chamomile tea bags on your eyes for 3-5 minutes.



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