How to speed up your metabolism?

How to speed up your metabolism?

1. Don’t forget your breakfast. If you skip your breakfast you probably end up eating not the most healthy snacks as you get hungry before lunch time. Besides, when your body doesn’t get food in the morning it starts saving the energy which slows your metabolism down.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegatables instead of canned ones. If you can not find fresh fruits or vegetables because of the season or other reasons, choose frozen fruits or vegatables which are practically as nutricious as fresh ones.

3. Do not eat food that has lots of calories and instead choose small portions of healthy food including enough of proteins and carbohydrates. Eat frequently but smaller meals. This way you will be able to eat more food.

4. If you get used to eating smaller portions of food, your stomach will reduce as well. Little by little, you will notice that you are full even after eating a small plate of low calorie food.

5. Don’t forget to include water into your diet. If your body feels dehydrated it tends to reduce the metabolism rate. Water also helps to digest food more easily. Remember that it also doesn’t contain any calories, so maybe it’s time to choose water instead of your sugary drinks?

6. Exercise. If you don’t have time to go to the gym regulary, try to find some physical activity. Exercising ensures that body is constantly burning up the calories. Hiking, biking or just walking is not only so much fun, but by choosing one of such activities you will make sure to use your calories.

7. Sleep. If you don’t rest enough at night, this means you will have less energy during day time which will slow down your metabolism. Moreover, a lack of energy leads to eating carbohydrates, especially, food that contains sugar as your body will try to increase your energy level.

8. Never eat less than 1200 calories a day. For men it’s even more. If your body doesn’t get sufficient amount of calories it will definitelly try to save them as soon as it gets some food. Saving calories leads to slowing metabolism down.


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