How to stop cough?

How to stop cough?

Cough, just like the higher than normal your body’s temperature, is one of the first symptoms of illness which makes us visiting our family doctor and start taking some medicine. Being one of typical symptoms of virus, cough may be a sign of either severe or mild illness. Older people are able to control their cough and suppress it, while small children can’t do that and suffer from cough more frequently and seriously. If the cough lasts more than 3 weeks, it is called chronic, so you should treat your cough to avoid this. The first thing you must do is to visit your family doctor. Additionally, drink as much fluid as you can. Choose natural herbal teas, juice or simple water.

In most cases, cough can be initiated by foreign matters, such as dust, food or other, or infections of various origin in upper and lower respiratory tract. The best treatment to get rid of such cough is to eliminate those objects that cause it. Most of the patients think that cold is the main cause of their cough. However, if he does not suffer from runny nose and sore throat, cough can be caused by any
other reason. Pay attention to the cough caused by smoking, asthma or other disease. If you are suffering from it, you should see your family doctor immediately for a special treatment! You should also contact your doctor if you are suffering from cough that lasts longer than two weeks, your temperature is rising up, the pain behind the breastbone arose.

Herbs that will help you to stop cough: anise, fennel, primrose, licorice, thyme. You can also try hollyhock, Iceland moss, Narrow plantain.


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