How to suppress crazy appetite?

How to suppress crazy appetite?

We all have weaknesses that are sometimes difficult to fight. We all know what it feels like when our hand reaches for a piece of chocolate or a beautiful cupcake. Food is often considered to be one of our pleasures. Sometimes we are not even hungry but we want something tasty because of negative emotions, a need of comfort and so on.

Unfortunately, the excess of calories finally turn into fat and this way we gain weight. First of all you should know that your dinner should be very light and you should eat it not less than 3 hours before going to sleep. This way, you will manage to digest the food and it will not stay in your stomach for too long.

If you don’t eat breakfast, you are making a huge mistake. During the day your body will ask for all the calories and finally you will eat even more than you would if you ate healthy breakfast. Eat 5 times per day, in small portions, this way you will improve your metabolism. Don’t forget the snacks which must be healthy too. The snack shouldn’t contain more than 100 calories.

Remember that we need much less food than we usually eat. In order to control yourself, always compare your portion of food with your palm. You cannot eat anything that is bigger than your palm. For example, for breakfast you can eat a small plate of oatmeal, for lunch – 100 grams of meat and for dinner – some cottage cheese or fish, which is light and it will not take that long to digest it.



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