How to treat metabolic slowdown?

How to treat metabolic slowdown?

Metabolic rate is the number of calories we burn in a day. As we all grow old, this rate decreases about 1% each year and this process is called metabolic slowdown. However, this slow down is not just age-related thing. Here are the most important things that help people fasten their metabolic rate:

1. Muscle mass. In order to raise the amount of calories your body burns each day, you should build more muscle mass. Weight lifting will help you to initiate fat burning processes and burn the calories even when you are resting on a coach. Additionally, doctors have researched that because of the muscles blood moves better. That gives people more energy without eating more food! That sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

2. Eating. In order to stabilize blood sugar levels and resist temptation of eating something unhealthy, you need to eat consistently. Just like a machine, human’s body needs to be started in the morning, so eat something within an hour. Additionally, to get in the best shape, you should eat every three to four hours all day long.

3. Water. After some research it was announced that metabolic rate also depends on how much water you drink. It’s recommended drinking from 8 to 12 glasses of water each day if you want to improve your metabolic rate. It’s also recommended starting your day with a glass of water to consume less calories and clean yourself after a night.

4. Protein. Differently like fat or carbohydrates, protein has been awarded as a best metabolic booster. When eating vegetables that are rich in protein, you can unexpectedly burn up to 30% of the calories you get because of the thermic effect. So choose peanuts for a snack or think steak, legumes and fibrous vegetables for a main course.


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