If you feel hungry at night…

If you feel hungry at night…

There are many men and women who eat healthy during the day, but at night they secretly get out of the bed and go to see what is in the fridge. And then they eat everything they find. Most of the times the culprit is stress and we all know that food and especially sweets help to overcome stress as they help to produce serotonin – a hormone of happiness. However, there are many tips and trick that help to solve this problem.

1. Eat at least 5 times per day and don’t forget that portions must be small.

2. Do not eat fat food. If you eat something fat during the day, you will want it during the night too. This happens because fats produce galanin which increases the wish to eat even more.

3. Make sure you have good breakfast. If you don’t eat in the morning, your body will make revenge later and you will have a strong wish to eat very soon.

4. Do not eat your dinner very late. In general dinner must be light and healthy.

5. Never drink more than one glass of wine in the evening and do not eat many sweets. Alcohol and sweets stimulate your hunger.

6. Make sure you sleep enough. If your body lacks energy, it will try to compensate it from food.

7. Do not buy any unhealthy products that have many calories.

8. After dinner, before going to bed, go for a short walk.

9. Before going to bed, eat an apple. Make sure you chew it very well.



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