Impaired liver function can lead to death

Impaired liver function can lead to death

Liver is the biggest gland in your body performing many vital functions. It is not only in control of cholesterol and enzymes but it is also involved in blood clotting and helps to maintain brain and muscle. Medicals say that liver damage can even lead to death.

The biggest enemies of liver are alcohol, fat food and illness. The most common reasons to get your liver damaged are excessive consumption of alcohol, malnutrition, high intake of fat, medications, oncological diseases and so on. Deterioration of liver function can cause accumulation of toxic substances and abnormal blood clotting. It also increases a risk of developing liver diseases.

The most common liver diseases are steatosis, hepatitis and cirrhosis. Unfortunately their symptoms become apparent only at relatively late stages of disease. A large proportion of patients do not feel first signs of diseases and only later notice that their abdomen became bigger, they start feeling pain, they complain about their digestion.

Steatosis usually occurs because of consuming too much alcohol, being overweight ot having high cholesterol levels. Hepatitis may be caused by viruses and medications. Cirrhosis is considered to be the final stage of chronic liver disease when liver cells break down and liver starts scarring.

Doctors recommend checking your liver function at least once a year although you don’t even feel any symptoms of diseases. Early stage diagnosis of liver disorders helps to choose the best treatment and prevent complications.



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