Improperly prepared food causes cancer

Improperly prepared food causes cancer

According to oncologists, 30 percent of cancer cases are caused by wrong diet. It’s the same number as from smoking. Cancer-causing substances can be included into many processed foods and even nuts. The amount of carcinogens depends of food storage and preparation.

A few years ago, European Commission experts have found that high temperature used when cooking increase the amount of acrylamide – carcinogenic substance. A big amount of this substance was found in fried potatoes, biscuits and even corn flakes. The darker the color of fried potatoes, the more they contain carcinogenic substances. Potatoes should be cooked in less than 175° C temperature.

Carcinogens are also found in sausages. If we decide to bake them, we increase the number of harmful substances even more.

Another category of dangerous substances is mycotoxins which appear in some food products if they are stored improperly. They are often found in nuts, dairy products, meat, cereals, flour, coffee and some spices. Mykotoxin poisoning is rare, but chronic poisoning is difficult to be diagnosed. So probably we will not feel any medical conditions but hazardous substances will accumulate and damage our bodies.

Currently there are found about 300 tyoes of mycotoxins. Aflatoxins belong to the group of the most dangerous cancer-causing substances. Particularly they strongly affect liver. They also have impact on genetic information.

Usually mycotoxins are a consequence of improper food storage. These substances appear on 28°C temperature when relative humidity is around 80-90 percent.

In order to avoid cancer, specialists offer reducing the amount of pork, beef and sheep for up to 500 grams per week. Probably the best protection against cancer is vegetables and fruits that destroy radicals. However, you cannot eat only fruits and vegetables. Food has to vary.

You should also limit daily intake of fat and sugar. The fat should consist not more that 30 percent of your calories. These materials promote obesity and obese people often suffer from intensine, uterus, kidney, prostate and breast cancer.

While some doctors claim that wine protects against cardiovascular diseases, oncologists warn that alcoholic beverages can cause mouth, esophagus, liver and breast cancer.



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