Incredible impact of dairy products on your diet

Incredible impact of dairy products on your diet

This unique diet is for those who love dairy products and want to get rid of few extra kilos easily. It is important to emphasize that this diet does not have any negative effects on your body. This diet is great for those women who already have menopause. This diet also provides your body with calcium which is an essential element for good health. It helps you to lose 3-7 kilos per week without any damage to your body. Make sure to drink plenty of liquids is you decide to follow this diet.

So let’s start from breakfast. The best breakfast is2 slices of dark bread and 2 teaspoons of low fat sour. After eating, enjoys a cup of tea without sugar. You can add some low fat milk if you want. This diet offers having snacks in between work. You can have an apple, some ice cream with fruits. Also you can drink something warm.

For lunch you can eat 125 grams of cottage cheese and a glass of pasta with some low fat sour cream. Besides, eat something sweet after dinner. If you want something sour, eat a bit of something that you wanted to eat for ages.

Later after lunch you can eat either 2 slices of dark bread or some watermelon. For dinner eat 2 slices of bread a d a bit of cheese. Later you can eat some low fat yoghurt and salad

If you still feel hungry, do not suffer and eat a bit of yogurt. Most importantly do not forget drinking all the time as much liquids as possible.



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