Interesting facts about caffeine

Interesting facts about caffeine

Many of us cannot imagine out lives without tea, coffee and energy drinks. For this reason, discussions about caffeine are more relevant than ever. We have to admit that negative effects of caffeine on our health are usually a result of consuming too much of it. However, if you use it smart, it’s a great stimulant. Here are some facts about caffeine that you may have not known:

A cup of coffee brings positive thoughts. One of the researches about caffeine has revealed that it helps to think more positively. People who drank coffee or other drink that contains caffeine, for some time has a more positive attitude than the one who haven’t consumed anything with caffeine.

Caffeine protects against harmful sun rays. It is scientifically proven that caffeine helps to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Although it doesn’t change protective creams, it is proved that moderate consumption of caffeine has positive effect on skin and protects it from UV rays. That is why caffeine is so popular in cosmetics. It activates blood circulation so it is great product to fight against cellulite or covering up bark circles.

Caffeine is used as prevention measure from Parkinson’s disease. According to nutrition specialists, the researches that have been done for many years has proved that caffeine has positive effect trying to prevent Parkinson’s disease.


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