Japanese and their healthy eating rules

Japanese and their healthy eating rules

It seems like Japanese are not getting old and not putting on any weight. Besides, only women from this country are capable to concentrate so much vital energy in such a small serving dish which is always good-looking and fresh. For those who have never been touched by this cuisine, Japanese offer eating more fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit. Besides, eating frequently, slowly and carefully is also important, just like choosing small portions and rice with tofu on the side.

The first secret of Japanese food is its benefits. People living in this country stay healthier and live longer than other people on Earth. According to World Health Organization, the average life length of Japanese nation is about 75 years! The most interesting thing is that being at this age Japanese don’t complain of illnesses and are not taking so many supplements. In addition, only 3% of Japanese suffer from overweight and obesity, while obesity rates in other countries are: France – 11%, USA – 33%.

The secret of Japanese diet is products that are high in energy, portions’ control, beautifully presented food in small plates. People are encouraged to eat slowly, enjoy the food, their brain has more time to realize that the body is satisfied. According to research, Japanese get 25% fewer calories than Americans during a day. In order to minimize your calorie intake, you should abandon those foods that are very high in calorie such as potato chips, pies, fatty meat dishes and sauces. They should be replaced by lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

In addition, Japanese eat rice six times more than people from Europe or America. Rice is eaten even for breakfast. However, it should be remembered that rice are not enriched with oil or butter.


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