Joints. How to keep the lightness of movement?

Joints. How to keep the lightness of movement?

Over the years many people start feeling that their flexibility is not the same comparing to the one they had when their were young. Movements become root, especially at the lower part of the body. Such feeling can be the first signs of arthrosis.

Are you at risk of arthrosis?

chronic joint pain can occure after your 30th birthday. At the age of 50, every third person have signs of arthrosis. Pain appears when you move more and it stops when you rest. The main cause of arthrosis is metabolic disrders. It occurs more often for overweighted people.

Prevention of joint diseases

Body strength and joint stregth depends on stable diet, good food and exercising. You should try eating less meat in order to avoid accumulation of uric acid salts. Follow a heathy diet and watch your body weight. Try to drink filtered water as it has less salt. Avoid fatty meals, salt, smoked meat and fish, canned products. Drink grapefruit juice.

If you constantly eat cold food, it will promote accumulation of mucus in your body. Especially in knee, hips, shoulder and elbow joints.



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