Juice fasting diet

Juice fasting diet

Juice fast is a type of detox diet which allows only raw vegetable or fruit juice and water. Though juice is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, this diet is considered an extreme way of detoxification because no foods are consumed. The best time to start juice fasting is spring, so look at these tips and detox your body after the cold season!

Typically, juice diet needs three days because longer term requires medical supervision. Note that juice fast shouldn’t be tried by pregnant or nursing women, children, and people with diabetes, low blood sugar, kidney or liver disease. Besides, if you have underweight, anemia, infection, nutritional deficiency, low blood pressure, cancer, terminal illness, epilepsy, or other chronic conditions, you shouldn’t try a juice fast as well because it may be dangerous for your health. It’s important that every person contacts his family doctor before trying this diet.

So, choose the warmer months of the year and use these tips:  

• Prepare your body and seven or more days before the fast eat only organic fruits, vegetables and beans. Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, dairy, wheat, animal meat, fish, and eggs should be eliminated from the diet.

• Organic products are recommended to get the best effect. If they aren’t available, peel off the skin or washing vegetables and fruits with a non-toxic cleaner.

• Always try to drink only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables but if you don’t have a juicer at home, buy it from juice bar.

• You can sip the juice throughout the day but avoid citrus. Choose apple, pineapple, cranberry, celery, carrot, kale, cabbage, spinach, beet and greens juice instead.

• In addition to the juice drink 6 glasses of room temperature water.

• Combine fruits and vegetables to get more vitamins and antioxidants.

• Prepare fruits and vegetables before juicing. Try to avoid pits of peaches, apricots, cherries, apple seeds, carrot and rhubarb tops, tough skins, like the ones of kiwi, pineapple, mangoes.


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