Juice improves our blood

Juice improves our blood

It turns out that in order to improve your blood it’s enough to drink a glass of juice every morning for five days. This has been proved by the recent studies. Nutritionists consider juice as one of the best products to improve your well-being and health. Especially valuable are tomato, orange and grapefruit juice.

Clinical studies have shown that people who drink juice have better blood. According to the statistics 98% of people who drink natural juice have a good amount of iron in their blood. 96% of people who drink natural juice meet the standards of the amount of calcium. According to the doctors, people who drink juice 5 days in a row get enough of vitamin C which helps to absorb iron.

Tomato juice contains protective substance which has various carotenes. They stabilize protective membranes of the cells. A lack of carotene affects vision. Tomato juice is also rich in organic acids which normalize metabolic processes. Besides, tomato juice contain the same amount of ascorbic acid as citrus fruit. Moreover, it contains sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins C, A, B, P and others. Lycopene reduces a risk to develop breast, lung, colon and rectal cancer and slows down the aging processes. Beware that these substances are absorbed better when we drink tomato juice instead of eating tomatoes.



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