Juices that stop aging processes

Juices that stop aging processes

Scientists have published that some drinks can powerfully help to slow down the aging processes. You may ask ‘why’? The answer is very simple – this effect appears because of antioxidants (naturally occurring materials), such as vitamins C, A, E, selenium and zinc, trace minerals, amino acids, etc. Researchers from California (USA) University have tested various juices and estimated antioxidant levels in each of them. Here is the list of the ones that have the biggest amount of antioxidants and help to stop aging processes:

1. Pomegranate juice

In addition to the above-mentioned antioxidants, the juice is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Pomegranate juice is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, has positive impact on the joints, skin, hair, blood and nervous systems.

2. Blueberry juice

Best for the ones that suffer from diabetes and gum disease. Besides, it has the positive effect on the intestinal microflora, powerfully strengthens the eyes, stops aging processes and helps to avoid wrinkles.

3. Grape juice

In addition to antioxidants, these juices are also rich in B vitamins. This collection of fertile material positively affects the skin, hair and nails. Grape juice is a powerful measure for infectious disease prevention. It is also recommended for getting rid of cardio-vascular and degenerative joint disease.

4. Apple juice

They are recommended for patients with atherosclerosis, liver, bladder and kidney disease. This juice improves intestinal activity and helps for the body to eliminate toxins and free radicals which appear because of harmful substances, such as nicotine, air pollutants or heavy metals. Besides, apple juice helps to recover after physical exertion.

5. Cherry juice

Cherry juice protects the eyes and teeth, has the positive influence on the hemoglobin production in the blood, recommended for patients with urinary bladder infections. In addition, it has positive effect on brain functions and memory.




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