Keeping your teeth healthy

Keeping your teeth healthy

According to nutritionists, some products we usually eat have a direct impact on our teeth color and health. Unbalanced diet or frequent snacks – they all affect human’s teeth. Therefore, dentists have determined what foods are the most harmful for our teeth and which ones could help for us in trying to keep the white and beautiful.

The latest researches have revealed that the most harmful thing for the teeth enamel is regular eating of hot and cold foods at the same time. For example, mixing cold water with the hot chicken breast, hot tea or coffee with the ice cream or cold snacks with the hot soup really harms our teeth. In order to protect your teeth, it is also highly recommended to forget using your teeth when trying to open Greek or other nuts. That’s because of the micro holes that usually appear after biting hard things. In addition, do not enjoy chicken bones or dried bread to protect your teeth from their appearance.

Sugar is another best friend of the decay and it’s also the biggest enemy of the dentists. Sugar-rich substances deplete the teeth and when combined with any other product, they become even more harmful and dangerous. Instead of sugar, you should start eating chocolate. In addition, products that are very acidic can also destroy tooth enamel, so keep in mind that lemons, oranges, kiwi, grapefruits, apples, alcoholic and soft drinks should be consumed in moderation.

When trying to help for your teeth, start eating more milk, dried products, fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, etc. They reduce the acidity of the cheese or carbonated beverages. Finally, don’t forget your toothbrush to maintain you teeth in the best condition.


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