Know your portion size

Know your portion size

Everybody knows that healthy eating and active way of life are the most important things affecting our health. Without paying enough attention to them and spending some time for exercises, our waists start unnoticeably growing fat together with our dishes and not properly measured portions. This fact can be easily confirmed by comparing our current plates with antique dishes what will clearly show that an old porcelain dish is even five centimeters smaller in diameter than the dish used by us nowadays.
When it comes to food portions, Americans are the ones that definitely use supersize dishes and those servings that we couldn’t finish seem to be just enough now. Having been accustomed to large portions by fast-food restaurants, we changed out dishes at home and enlarged the portions.
So, how to control portions of the food? The first advice would be to use smaller plates, bowls and cups for reducing the size of your portions. Smaller containers, like salad plates, could be easily used for your main dishes because there you will be able to put in less food.

To control the portion size, select 20 – 25 cm diameter dish and put there your favorite healthy products. Half of your plate should be filled with vegetables and salad, one its quarter should be composed of starchy products, like rice, couscous or pasta, and the last quarter filled with protein (fish, chicken, beans, chickpeas or other). If you are going to eat fruits, feel free to fill your dish totally.

To know how the average portion’s size looks, just take a look to your own hands:
* Palm shows one portion (75 grams) of chicken, meat, fish or seafood;
* Fist should show one serving (1 cup) of salad;
* A handful is one serving (half cup) of vegetables or grains (rice, pasta);
* Tip of your thumb means one teaspoon of fat – oil, butter or margarine;
* Thumb is one tablespoon of salad dressing which you should use to keep you weight perfect.

So, go ahead and try to stick to a healthier eating plan by changing your dishes into smaller. If you include the food you enjoy but only minimize its quantities, you will easily loose some weight.


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