Lacking Vitamin A? Start eating carrots

Lacking Vitamin A? Start eating carrots

Carrots are great source vitamins, helping to maintain youth, beauty and longevity. They contain much carotene, which additionally is converted into vitamin A in human’s body. According to carrot content based on carotene, they can be compared with red peppers. The amount of carotene you can get depends on whether you eat cut or finely grated carrots: it has been found that the amount of carotene you can get from chopped vegetables is only 5 percent, while grated carrots gives 20 percent of carotene which can be absorbed by human’s body. It is also very important to know that the carotene in carrots is absorbed more quickly when we add some oil in the dish. Cooked carrots have the same amount of vitamin A while dried ones have almost none. The more carotene carrots have, the brighter is their color, so always pay attention to the color when purchasing carrots.

Carrots are unique because they get the same or sometimes even more valuable mineral substances after boiling if we compare them with green ones. Among vegetables, only carrots get 34 percent more antioxidants after boiling!

Carrots are not only delicious but also good for you. They powerfully strengthen the body – purify the blood, helps to eliminate toxins and other hazardous materials from the body, normalize your metabolism and improves the activity of internal organs. Carrots are very helpful when suffering from anemia, upper respiratory tract disease and are used to improve vision or get rid of mouth sores. However, eating carrots is not recommended for patients with small bowel inflammation, gastric and duodenal ulcer. Besides, keep in mind that after eating much carrot or drinking more than 5 glasses of their juice a day, the skin of your hands and feet can become yellow and sometimes even orange. This indicates that the body is not capable to process the excess of carotene and vitamin A.


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