Laughter effectively improves our health

Laughter effectively improves our health

You should definitely know this wonderful feeling that leads you to start laughing. However, have you heard that laughter is a very beneficial for your health as well? It has been approved that regular laughter can be as good as the good food, sports or even a good night’s sleep. In addition, everyone knows that laughter reduces stress. However, have you heard that it also reduces the amount of sugar in the human’s body, burns calories and helps us to live longer. Here are more benefits of the laughter:

Laughter helps you feel better

Laughter, as well as sport, encourages the brain to produce endorphins that make us feel euphoric.  It also reduces pain and appetite! So the next time you will feel depressed, look funny YouTube video and see the life in different colors.

Laughter makes you look beautiful
Laughter stretches facial muscles, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tight wrinkles – all these factors make people look more beautiful. Moreover, those who seem to be relaxed, always have glowing skin, sparkling eyes and a good sense of humor, so no doubt that this helps to get more friends.

Laugh delays death
Nowadays most people die because of various heart diseases. Meanwhile, the laughter can reduce the risk of these diseases. That’s because it lowers blood pressure, cortisol and adrenaline, which stimulates blood circulation and allows the blood vessels to function normally. In addition, laughter simulates the key muscles of human’s body and, of course, works as effective as sports.

Laughter provides energy
Life is so complicated these days, so most of us probably have to cope with the constant fatigue because of the stress, insomnia or other factors. In order to improve your energy levels, most of the people rely on such products as energy drinks or coffee. However, laughter seems to be much better way to increase your energy levels.


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