Lose weight by simply thinking about that

Lose weight by simply thinking about that

Every year, women start preparing for the bikini season: they actively join sport clubs and spend millions for improving their figure. However, there are still numerous women in the whole world suffering from overweight. Luckily for them, experts have found that the problem is not in our eating frequency or the amount of physical activity. It turns out that the problem lies in our mind says. Diet and fitness expert Janet Thomson, who has also released a book “Think More, Eat Less”, claims that our mind and body are closely connected because thinking simply affects our behavior. Expert says that we can all change our body weight with a help of her special program that will also help to maintain new shapes.

1) Think about how you are going to look and feel in the future when you reach your desired weight – slim and healthy. In addition, imagine how you will look after three and six months. Continue such thoughts before going to sleep and as soon as you wake up because positive emotions will help you to maintain the faith and determination.

2) Start to fill food diary: write down everything you eat. Studies have already shown that even if you are strict on food, you don’t pay enough attention to the quantity of food, so help yourself to control what and how much you eat.

3) Identify the thoughts: make a list of things that could contribute to the overweight (having no physical activity, drinking too much wine, eating too many sweets). Then write a clear alternative behavior that can help you change the situation (eating less snacks, drinking alcohol only on weekends).

4) On a sheet of paper, write down the objective that you want to achieve, such as fit in 38 size jeans. It should also be clear how are you going to achieve this – eat less, exercise or similar. In addition, read this what you signed up aloud to yourself for at least two times a day.


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